Why Cayman is one of the best kid friendly vacation destinations

Whether spring break is drawing near after a long, cold winter, or summer is coming to a close and your family needs one last escape before the school year commences in the fall, you have definitely earned a little repose and quality time with the kin.

Finding easily accessible, kid-friendly vacation destinations is challenging, but we know of the perfect tropical getaway that is suitable for every member of your family – the stunning Cayman Islands. In addition to their breathtaking beauty and incredible safety, each island offers a wide range of accommodations and transport methods, and the local Caymanians are welcoming and eager to share their history and culture with visitors.

Kid friendly vacation Grand Cayman

Safe and Clean

Above all else, you want to ensure your family’s safety when on vacation. Cayman has an especially low crime rate, and there is no need to exercise special precautions when visiting. Just as you presumably do at home, locking your car doors and not leaving valuables unattended is sufficient to ensure your family’s safety.

Cayman has worked hard to achieve recognition for having not only clean but picturesque beaches. Especially on the west side of the island, beaches are maintained so that they look even better in person than photos you may have seen. We do not only rely on visitors, but we also respect them and want them to have such a memorable and pleasant experience here that Cayman will be first on their list for their next vacation.

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Friendly Locals

Visitors in Cayman are welcomed by locals and residents with friendly smiles and open arms for the same reason our beaches are up kept; we want you here! What makes Cayman stand out when it comes to hospitality is that we appreciate every visitor, big or small, that steps onto our shores, and we want them to know it. We even want to share our “secret spots” so that you experience the very best of Cayman, and keep coming back.

kid friendly vacation

Easy to get to and easy to navigate

Trekking through large or multiple airports with your family can be tiring and frustrating. Each year, more direct flights from the U.S. are coming to Cayman. All three airports in the Cayman Islands (one on each of the three islands) are small and easy to navigate. The bigger your family is, the more preparation your vacation typically requires. Visiting Cayman requires a valid passport, but visitors do not need any special visas or vaccinations (as per U.S. Department of State’s recommendations).

Once in Cayman, you can rely on our consistent taxi system, which is regulated by the Department of Transportation, or have the freedom of a rental car for your family. Although we drive on the left side of the road in Cayman, the government makes every effort to clearly mark our roads. Rental companies also offer both right and left hand drive vehicles to maximize driver comfort, and notify local drivers of guest drivers by putting rental stickers on all rental vehicles. As we are very thankful to tourists visiting Cayman, locals are understanding and helpful to our visitors that wish to explore the islands with a rental car.

The public bus system can also be an economical and practical way to travel around the island. Each bus is clearly marked, runs on a set route from early morning until early evening, and is only USD$2.50 per person for each length of each route. Check out the bus route map to help plan where to explore.

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Comfortable accommodations of all kinds

Especially if you have small children, it can be necessary to have multiple bedrooms or a kitchen space within your accommodations while on vacation. Along with world famous Seven Mile Beach, your family may choose from a range of hotels, as well as vacation rental condos. If you like a little more space, and peace and quiet on your family vacation, consider looking into condos or houses a little further from George Town, towards tranquil East End and Cayman Kai.

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Families that adventure together stay together!

Cayman offers a plethora of options for kid friendly family adventures, ranging from historical and cultural exploration to our many outdoor activities. Though the history of Cayman is brief, it is very rich. With many museums and historical sites scattered all around the island where admission costs are less than ten dollars per person, you and your family can immerse yourselves in Caymanian culture, cuisine, and art, and experience the journey of the islands’ history for yourselves.

Don’t miss the chance to board a boat and head out to the spectacular reefs around the island for world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, an unforgettable chance to swim and interact with wild stingrays at Stingray City and gaze upon majestic starfish. With the many options of different sizes of boats on the island, it easy to find the perfectly priced ocean adventure that will give you and your family the facilities and attention that will make for the best time.

Make sure you pick up plenty of reef safe sunscreen so that your family may explore the islands’ natural environment as well! With one of the largest wetland areas in the Caribbean, Cayman’s mangrove trails appeal to hikers, kayakers and paddle boarders hoping to see native birds, green and blue iguanas and all variety of juvenile sea life that take refuge there.

For families that enjoy extreme outdoor sports, consider taking a kitesurfing lesson, hiring jet skis, seeing the island from high above while parasailing or experiencing some of the more untouched beaches in our national parks while on horseback.

Have we mentioned something your family has never done but may want to try? Many excursions offer a private teacher or guide. Make sure to inquire about such options when booking your activities.

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A kid friendly adventure with Crazy Crab

When choosing a company to take your kids out on the boat, you want to be assured of more than a competent crew. You want a crew that captivates and engage kids and adults alike, with facilities on board that accommodate every need. Our staff at Crazy Crab are all licensed boat operators with a spread of skills and knowledge, ranging from: the local Caymanians to the marine biologists to the scuba diving instructors to those that have kids of their own, and those that have orchestrated and hosted sea camps for kids. All of our vessels have marine heads (bathrooms) and freshwater showers in addition to the drinks and other provided amenities. There is no more comfortable, convenient and fun way to snuggle the stingrays or race the starfish while you are in Grand Cayman than with Crazy Crab! Discover more about the unforgettable experiences you can have with your family in Cayman and start planning your adventure by visiting www.crazycrabcayman.com