Stingray City

At Stingray City, one of the most amazing wildlife encounters in the Caribbean, you can swim with, touch, and feed the beautiful, gentle stingrays.

Guided Snorkeling

Splash into the beauty of Coral Gardens and the barrier reef. In warm, crystal-clear water, snorkel among dazzling fish, coral, sponges and sea fans.

Bioluminescent Bay

A magical evening swim in of the world’s best bioluminescence bays, where at night millions of microscopic plankton light up the water when stimulated.

Starfish Point

Gently touch and hold the radiant starfish populate the calm, shallow water at Starfish Point, a beautiful stretch of golden sand beach.

Mangrove Discovery

Enjoy a slow cruise through our pristine mangrove forests and learn about this valuable and fragile ecosystem as you look out for the abundant wildlife.

Dockside Drinks & Dining

A variety of dockside restaurants and bars to choose for a relaxing seafood lunch, a quick wood-oven pizza or famous "Mudslide" cocktail.