5 reasons why a power catamaran is the best way to explore Grand Cayman

Half of the fun of going out on the boat is being on the boat. Even if you do not consider yourself a “boat person”, there are a few things you should consider when hiring any boat for a day on the water. Different types of boats are more comfortable to ride in, taking less impact from the waves, which is more agreeable for sightseeing. Some boats are more spacious, so every member of your family or friends group can spread out while soaking in the sun. There are boats that provide better shade, allowing you to enjoy more time on the water. And some types of boats ride differently on the waves, making every seat an equally outstanding viewing point, meaning no fighting over who gets to sit up front.

There is no doubt about it when selecting a vessel for your private charter adventure in Grand Cayman, you want a power catamaran. Let us tell you why…

best way to explore Grand Cayman

Monohull vs Catamaran

First of all, what does it mean for a boat to be a “catamaran”. This word was the original name of a boat that was made by tying two logs together, and was first created by the paravas, a small society of fishermen in the Southern coast of India. In modern times it is used to describe a boat that has two hulls, or body segments, rather than one.

A smoother ride

By having a channel for air and water to pass through between two body segments, there is less riding the waves up and down, and more importantly, less pounding. In order to maximize the quality of your experience exploring not only Grand Cayman’s most popular water attractions, such as Stingray City, but other treasures our marine environment has to offer, it is imperative to not be getting clobbered during the journey. Whether on a speedy trek to beat the crowds or a slow relaxing cruise, a power catamaran guarantees a gentle soar through any temperament of seas. The weather is very kind to us in sunny Grand Cayman, however, you wouldn’t want a few measly waves to ruin the boat trip on your vacation that you have booked months in advance. This smoother ride also provides security in your chance to have a fabulous time in our crystal clear waters, no matter the conditions.

 best way to explore Grand Cayman

More stability at rest

“I am fine when we are moving, but I get a little nauseous on the boat if it is stopped.” If this is the case for any of your traveling companions, let this be the selling point for hiring a power catamaran for your private charter: because of their dual hull design, power cats are more stable when the boat is anchored. Even if you plan to be in the water most of the time, there is a certain interval required to get a boat settled in each new location, a bit of information that your crew will need to give, and there is the time it will take you to get ready and get in the water. This time is also necessary to get the boat underway again in between stopping points. A short lag rocking side to side in the waves can be the difference between an upset stomach or not. A power catamaran all but eliminates the side to side rocking monohull boats experience when stopped, meaning no sick tummies for any of your guests, more fun on the water, and more time to see all there is in the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

Better accessibility

Any of the sites you will wish to visit in the north sound are in shallow water, however, the shallower a boat can be taken means the closer you can get. Monohull boats need a deep ballasted fin to stay upright in the water, whereas power cats have a better balance with their two hulls, so they do not require this fin. This means that a power catamaran can get you closer to what you want to see. Rather than having to swim into an attraction location, you can step right off the ladder onto the site because the power cat has the capability to traverse in shallower water. This comes in handy with little ones, new or non-swimmers, and seniors in particular, and makes every activity user-friendly to all.

Extra roomy

Boating is better when you have plenty of your own space to stretch out while relaxing. Catamarans are more spacious boats than monohulls. A boat with one hull has seating in the bow that comes to a point, whereas a power catamaran has wraparound seating in the front. Catamarans are also typically a bit wider, creating plenty of sprawling room for all, both in the sun and in the shade. A private charter with Crazy Crab means that your boat is all your own, so forget about having qualms of encroaching on others, your boat is reserved for your group and your group alone. Crazy Crab also has the newest power catamarans in all of Grand Cayman with all the newest amenities and most current designs for maximum comfort.

 best way to explore Grand Cayman

The best view from all seats

If you like the breeze in your hair and the best view, you have probably always raced to obtain a seat in the front of the boat, right? The view is better in the front of a monohull boat because, when the boat is at speed, the bow sits higher in the water than the stern so it goes over the waves as opposed to through them (this is also why the ride is bounciest up front). With a power catamaran, the bow does not rise as high above the waves because rather than going over the waves, water passes between the two hulls. This means that the 180-degree view from a sunny seat in the front is just as fabulous as the view from a shaded seat in the back. No one will miss a single beat of the action or contour of the scenery when you choose a power catamaran.

There are loads of boats that take passengers to see Stingray City, Starfish Point, our wordclass snorkeling, and the bioluminescent bay in Cayman, but at Crazy Crab, you are more than passengers, you are our honored guests. Your private charter on your power cat is individually tailored to you, with enough options of activities and extraordinary island experiences to fill up a whole day on the water. Check out our event planner to start building your private charter today!