There are only a handful of bioluminescence or bioluminescent bays in the Caribbean, and not many more than that in the world. They only occur in certain places because they have to happen naturally under very specific conditions. In the Cayman Kai region of Grand Cayman is one of the world’s best Bio Bays.

With a narrow opening to this shallow bay, there is little circulation or movement of water. The water in Bio Bay is very warm and salty with an abundance of nutrients and seagrass, the perfect environment for special microscopic plankton. These plankton occur all over the island, and all over the Caribbean, but the concentration we find in Bio Bay is what makes for a fantastic experience. Because of these plankton “bioluminescence,” it produces a very short burst of light when stimulated by movement.

With snorkeling gear, you’ll float in this magical bay mesmerized as your movements create trails of light in the water. Because this shimmering light show is best experienced on darker nights, our Bio Bay visits are scheduled during the period of the month when the moon is not too bright in the early evening. If the timing and conditions are right, you might even see the mating glow worms which occur two to three days after the full moon.

Your Crazy Crab adventure with Bio Bay experience starts in the afternoon for a few hours of daytime fun. Before sunset, we’ll head over to Kaibo beach restaurant when you can enjoy the sunset with a meal or drinks before heading to Bio Bay just after dark. After your magical Bio Bay swim, we’ll cruise back to our dock as you relax and gaze the starry sky.

Optional Extras

Kaibo Pickup $75

For Cayman Kai and Rum Point

Camera Rental $50

Waterproof for photos and video

Photographer $50

With optional photo packages

Tubing $50

Fun for the whole family

Reef Fishing $50

Catch and release fishing

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